Superior Steel & Fabrication

Steel Supplies

With such a diverse range of steel sections available in the market, Superior Steel & Fabrication stock a large range of sizes, grades, and finishes to cater for your immediate steel needs.

Long steel products such as rectangle and square hollow sections, parallel flange channels, universal beams and columns, black and hot dipped galvanized pipe, merchant flats, squares, rounds and angles, to flat products including gal mesh, mild steel, galvanized, and zinc sheets.

We stock all your commonly used steel sections. These include but are not limited to:

  • Painted and galvanized rectangular and square hollow sections
  • Black and galvanized pipe
  • Solid round, square and flat bars
  • Equal and unequal angle
  • Galvanized weld mesh
  • Parallel flange channel
  • Universal beams and columns
  • Mild Steel, Zinc, and Galvanized sheet
  • Aluminium